Sweet covers of 1960s songs


For my inaugural HTF post, I decided I’d drop some Sweet covers of 1960s songs!

1) Asobi Seksu – And Then He Kissed Me

I’m not sure who Asobi Seksu is, but I found this song in my iTunes library.  I don’t know where I originally found it, but its a pretty sweet shoegaze inspired cover of the 1963 original by the Crystals!

2) The Jesus and Mary Chain – My Girl

The Jesus and Mary Chain have covered a lot of great 60s music. Their cover of the ’64 My Girl by the Temptations is one I think you probably haven’t heard before.

3) The Ramones – California Sun

This is such a great summer song! I love the 1961 original by The Riveras, and I don’t think The Ramones version is better, but you gotta admit its pretty bad ass!


Honorary mention

Twiggy & Twiggy  – I Only Want To Be With

You may remember this from the movie Dead Man on Campus (I don’t). Twiggy Ramirez (the bass player from Marilyn Manson) and 60s supermodel Twiggy Lawson team up to do a sweet cover of the 1963 Dusty Spring I Only Want to be With You


Hot Tracks from The Dirty Nil, The Courtneys, and The Pack A.D.

Happy Friday! Here are three hot tracks to add some spice to your weekend. I’ve listened to each one a bunch, and there’s some extra info for each band as well. It’s entirely a coincidence, but the artists are all Canadian. How did that happen?

The Dirty Nil – Wrestle Yü To Hüsker Dü

This one’s a slow headbanger. A slow, HEAVY headbanger. The Smite EP is scheduled for a February 18 release.

The CourtneysLost Boys

As in the ’87 vampire flick, although the song says: “You look just like you did in 1986.” The video edit is a shorter version of the song, and it’s a pretty neat video, too. Cassingle coming soon from Burger Records.


The Pack A.D.Creepin’ Jenny

Clicking the song link will take you to CBC Music, since we can’t embed the song here. On the bright side, you can stream the entire album in advance of its release, either via Exclaim! or CBC Music. Do it. The album is solid rock. But you’ll have to hurry, since apparently the album is only streaming until January 28th.

The Dirty Nil — 2014 Tour Dates
February 20 – Brooklyn NY @ Shea Stadium (The Clash played there! So did the Mets.)
February 21 – New Haven CT @ TBA
February 22 – Cambridge MA @ Tasty Burger
February 28 – Guelph ON @ Jimmy Jazz
March 2 – Sudbury ON @ Theatre Cambrian
March 6th – London ON @ Call The Office
March 21 – Toronto ON @ Silver Dollar
March 28 – Saint Catharines ON @ Detour Music Hall
March 29 – Hamilton ON @ The Spice Factory

In another coincidence, the only posted show for The Courtneys at the moment is on February 21st, opening for The Pack A.D.

There are too many tour dates for The Pack A.D., so visit the tour section of their site for more info. But, hey, there’s a show in Toronto at the Horseshoe on March 8th. You’ll know where to find me.