Ok, so there aren’t really any hot racks. But I have some music you might like…

The Temples -Shelter Song

Sometimes throwback music can rub me the wrong way, especially since every rock band these days is a 1960s throwback band. But like Foxygen or the Black Lips, these guys nailed it! I heard the first 20 seconds of this song and immediately bought the album (which is also awesome).

Ex Hex – Hot and Cold

I’m not sure who Mary Timony is, but she is Ex Hex, and apparently she was in some underrated band from the 90s that I should be listening to. Anyhoo this song is pretty sweet. It kind of sounds like it’s ripping off another song that I can’t remember…

R.L. Burnside – Got Messed up

If you’ve been to my house you have probably heard this one before. Its basically on every playlist I have ever made…


This is Mary Timony’s 90s band Helium that I totally should have been listening to. Check it out! 1:48 has a sweet 90s “fuck solos” guitar solo.


Hot Tracks for a Cool Weekend


This week’s offerings are more glitzy than the gritty sounds from my previous (first) post. But that’s cool for kicking off the weekend, right?

  • Said the Whale – On the Ropes

The guys in Said the Whale know their way around a poppy hook. (I Love You was a contender on my Best of 2013 list.) Digging a little deeper into the hawaiii EP reveals another gem in On the Ropes. Deceptively simple beats and melodies, and some sweet, sweet harmonies. This one’s on serious repeat on my playlist.

  • Phantogram – Nothing But Trouble

While we keep waiting for Phantogram to release the kickass cover of Neil Young’s Heart of Gold that (apparently) can only be heard on the Out of the Furnace trailer, they’re busy putting out original material. (Priorities, amirite?) Meanwhile, get your electronic loops, pretty vocals, and screechy guitars right here, with Nothing But Trouble. The Voices EP comes out February 18.

  • Jane’s Party – ‘Til You Got Yours

Jane’s Party are a Toronto outfit who’ve only been on my radar for a couple of days, courtesy of @tiffyleeson. I got so distracted listening to them, that I burned my toast dinner. Twice. There are echoes of other local-ish bands like Born Ruffians and Young Rival in the pop melodies and multiple harmonies. ‘Til You Got Yours is a great tune, and I’m liking the rest of the songs available on their multiple sites. They’re playing a month’s residency somewhere in T.O. in February. I’ll update this when I know the location. Meanwhile, their new album, Hot Noise, is available now.

The other two songs that have latched on to my subconsciousness this week don’t need the publicity. AT. ALL. But even though they couldn’t be more different from each other, damn if their hooks aren’t catchy as hell. Consider these the unofficial entries:

  • Pharrell Williams – Happy

  • Jason Derulo, feat. 2 Chainz – Talk Dirty

Have a great weekend.

-A$AP Franny

Summertime Party Playlist (pass the Cool Ranch)

For my first HTF post I’m keeping it simple and choosing 3 feel good rock songs.  All 3 songs are relatively current, (2011) but would have sounded great in any decade.  They’re also very summery, which I’m missing on this freezing cold February day.

Here we go:

GENERATIONALS – Ten-Twenty-Ten (2011)

This is a prime example of timeless rock.  This song could have come out in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, etc.  If the feeling of chilling at a party with friends could take the form of a song – it would sound like this.

BLACK LIPS – New Direction (2011)

Surf-y, Punk-y, Ramones-y.  If Jason Zukowski emitted a sound – it would sound like this.

THE WAR ON DRUGS – Baby Missiles (2011)

I just discovered this song last week yet I somehow find it very nostalgic.  Weird eh?  If Bruce Springsteen had a hipster son, who started a band in Brooklyn – it would sound like this.

Enjoy!  I can’t wait for winter to be over!!

DJ Dirty D