Moving Day Playlist

It’s Friday, y’all. I’m taking a break from packing up my things and moving halfway across town tomorrow. Moving sucks, but fortunately there are tunes to liven up the day. Here are my choices for this week’s hot tracks. (None of these songs have great videos*, in my opinion, but you’re here for the music, right?)

*The exception is Tornado ’87, but the official video is longish, with several minutes before the song kicks in. I’ve linked to that video in the description, but for the sake of audio, I’ve embedded a link containing just the song.

Rural Alberta Advantage – Tornado ’87 (2011)

This one’s been on steady repeat for the last couple of weeks. The singer’s slightly nasal voice has a rough, Billy-Corgan quality to it. Who knew a haunting song about a tornado in Edmonton could have such a great beat and a catchy melody? Just wait for those drums to kick in. I love it.


Pretty Reckless – Heaven Knows (2013)

Taylor Momsen was once Cindy Lou Who in Ron Howard’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas. She’s since pursued other avenues of artistic expression. Singing seems to be working out for her. Tough, gritty riffs coupled with her attitude make for a pretty sweet anthem.


Vance Joy – Riptide (2013)

I have the feeling you guys might have already heard this one from Aussie singer-songrwriter Vance Joy. With over 7 million views on the video, it isn’t exactly a sleeper, but somehow I missed it until recently. The mellow harmony and soft beats mostly hide the sadder/darker implications of the lyrics.

A note about the video: This is the most literal interpretation of a video I’ve seen, and I can’t decide if its unsettling qualities make it a good video or a bad one. I hated it at first, but it’s growing on me quite a bit.


That’s all for now. Time to go move some furniture.



BOOTY BANGERZ (Twerk Edition)

Look, I would never buy any of these artist’s cds, nor would I classify any of these videos as high art… BUTT… when it comes to music for going to the gym, nothing gets me more motivated than filthy rap music.

MAJOR LAZER – Bubble Butt (2013)

Favourite Lyric:
‘I ate the pussy fast, I’m about to start burpin’.

B.o.B ft. 2 CHAINZ – Headband (2013)

Favourite Lyric:
‘I shine bright, I’ll give your girl a slight tan
I make that pussy whistle like the Old Spice man’.

LUDACRIS – Southern Hospitality (2000)

Favourite Lyric:
‘All my women in the house if you chasin cash
And you got some big titties wit a matchin ass’.

Honorable Mention:
‘Long-john drawers, long-john stalls
Any stank puss’ make my long john – pause’.

Shake dat ass, but watch yourself you guys!
DJ Dirty D

Cool shit from Third Man Records

third man

Jack White’s label, Third Man Records has put out some cool shit over the years. In between cutting records for The White Stripes, The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather, Jack has found the time to release records from his (Ex) wife, an over the country star, and one time Tonight Show host, amongst others.

Karen Elson – The Ghost Who Walks

Jack White’s second ex wife, supermodel Karen Elson recorded a pretty sweet album under the Third Man Label. Apparently she wrote the whole album in secret before letting Jack produce the record. ¬†Would it have sounded as good if Jack hadn’t gotten his hands on it?

Loretta Lynn – Portland, Oregon

I’m going full on country with this entry.¬†Ten years ago Jack White produced an album for the 72 year old country singer Loretta Lynn, and It’s a pretty bad ass album! Jack performs on all of the tracks and co-wrote one this one. The other stand out song is the title track, Van Lear Rose.

Conan O’Brien – The Weight

After Conan left the Tonight Show, he went on tour across North America, doing comedy, playing music and such… One of his stops along the way was Third Man Records in Nashville where Jack white produced and released a live set of Conan and friends. One of the tracks they performed was “By a band so great they just called themselves The Band.” I’m not sure who the other performers are on this track, but they’re pretty awesome, and this is one of the best covers of “The Weight” I have ever heard.