Bring the noise!

Your weekend music forecast: loud, with a chance of head banging.

The Dirty Nil make a repeat appearance on HTF. The Smite EP has come out since the earlier post. It’s still good.


HSY is a Toronto punk band. This is from their recently released Cyber Bully/Phantasm Blast 7″. Pure sludge.


Six. And-a-half. Minutes. That’s the length of For Those Who Stay, by PS I Love You. It’s the opposite of the 104 seconds you heard from The Dirty Nil. And because you a person who enjoys giving new music a chance, you will rejoice at the chance to listen to new songs whether they are brief or epic in length.


Stay alert. Stay safe.



EL GUINCHO – Bombay (2010)

If you’re like me and went to film school, and you’re old enough to remember what a music video is – you’ll probably enjoy this one. I image this song gets played a lot at Mexican discotheques.

MR LITTLE JEANS – Good Mistake (2014)

Mr Little Jeans isn’t a mister! I like the darkness of her voice mixed with the up beat pop music.

PANAMA – Destroyer (2014)

This song creates such a mood. It needs to be used in a movie. Preferably one about a yacht.

Hot Tracks Sunday!


So, it looks like I pulled a Derek! Actually I forgot it was my turn this friday… Anyhoo here’s what I’ve been listening to:


King Krule – Easy Easy

King Krule has the Joe Strummer attitude with the Archie (from Riverdale) good looks. Always a winning combination.


Tijuana Panthers – Cherry Street

I know what you’re thinking, another Tijuana Panther’s song? Yes, yes it is. Love the guitar hook in this one.


The Dandy Warhols – Plan A

In 2003 the Dandy Warhols recorded an album called “Welcome to the Monkey House”. The record label was unhappy with the lo-fi sound of the album; so naturally they called in the guy from Duran Duran to give it the Hungry Like the Wolf treatment. The Dandy Warhols ended up releasing their version of the album as “The Dandy Warhols Are Sound” in 2009. This is the Dandy’s mix of Plan A. It’s not necessary better than the Duran Duran mix, just different.


Only Real – Get It On

Another repeat from my last turn, but there are no rules on hot tracks Friday! I mean this Hot Tracks Friday is on a Sunday, who knows when the next one will happen? I’m really lovin’ Only Real lately. His music takes me back to some of the stuff I grew up with, right down to the clothing, video and the 90s I-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude.