THE PIXIES – Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf)
Everyone knows the original but do they know this version… Probably.  But I wanted to remind everyone that it is in fact summer, and you should be listening to this version exclusively.  Save the original for the winter.  The surf guitar takes me to another plant bro!

Their name was enough for me to want to check this band out.  After a through investigation I wasn’t all that impressed.  However, this is one of the best songs I’ve EVER heard.

THE OHIO PLAYERS – Here Today and Gone Tomorrow
If you happen to be searching for the quintessential summer BBQ song – your search is over.


Till the Next Broken Hearted Love Funnel…

No theme this week, just a selection of what I’ve been listening to lately. Enjoy!


Wanda Jackson – Funnel of Love

This track from the 80+ “Female Elvis” opens the new Jim Jarmusch film “Only Lovers Left Alive”. A film I highly recommend. I’ve heard this song before, but it sounds like they are playing a 45 at 331/3. Pretty cool! Check it out:


Big Otter Creek –  Broken Hearted

I saw Daniel Gagnon performing Eagles covers at a pub here in Toronto a few years ago. I’ve followed him on facebook ever since. “Broken Hearted” is the first release from his new band Big Otter Creek. Looking forward to hearing more from these guys.


The Rolling Stones – Till the Next Goodbye

Everyone knows I love the Stones! Heres a sweet country-rock tune from “It’s only Rock & Roll”. Love the lazy drum beat that kicks in during the chorus.


Bonus Hot Track

Dolly Parton – Jolene

Here’s another 45 played at 331/3. I’m starting to think we should do this with every song…

The Sizzle and the Slow Burn

There is no unifying theme this week. Unity is dead! Long live unity!


Let’s just get started, shall we?

Dear Rouge – I Heard I Had

Over, and over, and over. That’s how much I’ve been listening to this track from Dear Rouge, a fairly new Canadian band. This song brings to mind Metric and Mother Mother, without sounding like a ripoff of either. Damn catchy tune.


Trampled by Turtles – Where is My Mind?

Now, I’m not usually a fan of straight-up covers. If you’re going to keep it the same, why not just leave us with the original? But there are just enough new instruments here (hello banjo, and a violin takes over for Kim Deal’s vocals) on what is already one of my favourite songs ever that I could listen to this a bunch of times. I have, too.


Sondre Lerche – Modern Nature

Lillian Samdal provides the female vocals here. She duets with Sondra Lerche (a Norwegian) on this charming, folksy tune. It has the upbeat feel associated with Feist by people who only know Feist’s pop tunes. (God, that sounds a bit snarky. Sorry.)


Bonus: Trampled by Turtles – Wait So Long

More TbT. They’re in Toronto on September 16th. Imma be there.