SKY FERREIRA – You’re Not The One
Give this a chance fellas. It isn’t a typical song I’d post. It’s quite mainstream and poppy but I really love its eighties sound. Hey is that Macaulay Culkin in the video?!!!

Grimes – the queen of Witchpop! And I didn’t make that up Jay! It’s a thing!
I hate to be one of those obnoxious Canadians who are constantly telling people when things are Canadian but… Both Grimes and the video’s director, Emily Kai Bock are. Ever neat eh?

If Fleetwood Mac released Rumours in 2014 instead of 1977 this is what it would sound like.



Saturday Morning Hot Tracks



Ty Segall – The Faker

Fran Man and I are seeing Ty Segall in concert tomorrow so I thought I’d drop the hottest track from his most recent album “The Manipulator.” The Faker has a bad-ass solo, some good advice & a riff reminiscent of the Jean Genie, how can you go wrong?


April March – Le Temps de l’Amour

April March (best name ever right?) is an American animator who moonlights as a singer that only does covers of French songs from the 60s. Or is she a singer that only does covers of French songs from the 60s and moonlights as an animator?


The Black Lips – I’ll Be With You

This Black Lips hot track goes back a few albums, but for whatever reason I’ve been listening to it all week. It’s sappy and simple and has a riff  that makes my ears smile!


George Harrison – Isn’t It a Pity

Of all the Beatles solo work George Harrison’s was the best. However, aside from “I’ve Got My Mind Set on You” they’re all on a single album. “All Things Must Pass” is mostly made up of hot tracks the rest of the Beatles had rejected. No wonder the Stones were better!

Seeking Gems

Super-late post. I know, I know… mea culpa. But I went digging for a couple of songs I’ve had in the back on my head for a while.

Just a brief FYI/self-promo before the music: I’m playing a solo gig under the name From France at Aspetta Caffe in Kensington Market at 8pm this Saturday, Sept. 20. Just me, a guitar, and a microphone. Lord help us all…

Back to the regularly scheduled programming:

Demarest – Heart of Gold

This cover of the Neil Young classic first came to my attention in the trailer for last year’s Out of the Furnace, and it took a while to track down. I thought it was Sarah Barthel from Phantogram, but the official listing says the artist is Demarest. Whatever. Here it is, finally.

Ariel Pink – Put Your Number In My Phone

This is too weird to be pop in its purest sense, but it’s still pop. Except that it’s not. But it’s dressed up as pop. Is this making sense yet? No? Have a listen.

Serena Ryder & The Beauties – No Air

Another cover, this time of a song you might be more familiar with as originally performed by Jordin Sparks and woman-beater Chris Brown. This one’s slower. Side note: That’s not Serena Ryder in the video.

Bonus video: The Rural Alberta Advantage, Live at Massey Hall

On the one hand, the spacious stage looks awesome in this black and white video. On the other hand, I have a general dislike of seated concerts, feeling they rob any show of energy. Still, this looks great, and the RAA perform two songs previously featured on HTF; Tornado ’87 at 11:20, and Terrified at 18:31.

Have a great week, and maybe I’ll see you in Kensington on Saturday.