Hot Tracks Wednesday



Allah-Las – Every Girl

For the second Hot Tracks Friday field trip, tomorrow the boys and myself will be attending the Allah-Las show here in Toronto. Every Girl is the hottest track off their latest album Worship the Sun.


Marilyn Manson – Fundamentally Loathsome

Mechanical Animals was the only album Marilyn Manson made in which he wasn’t trying to be spooky or shocking (other than wearing the prosthetic breasts of course). It wasn’t a big hit and he immediately reverted to his previous shock-rock image. I wonder what would have been if he had stuck with glam? This song gets particularly bad ass ’round the three minute mark.


Only Real – Yesterdays

This kid just keeps knockin’ them out of the park!


Hot Ska Friday

For those of you who weren’t there, the Greater Toronto Area in the early 00s was a great place to see punk shows, particularly in towns like Newmarket and Aurora. From basements to bars, to Legion halls, to anywhere that could handle a decent-sized mosh pit, people would get together and cheer on all kinds of band. The lineups seemed to make sense at the time; you could have a hardcore punk band playing right after a ska band with a full horn section, and that seemed alright. Heck, it WAS alright. It was all great music, after all, and the people in the bands and in the crowds were mostly friends or people who shared similar interest.

That’s why I was surprised to learn that this harmony wasn’t always the case. Once upon a time in England, if you were a fan of either punk music, you were in a different group from the ska-lovers. The division among cultural lines could even get violent, a la Mods and Rockers in Quadrophenia. Who knew?

Anyway, there are some pretty sweet tracks from those days. I’m looking back further than the artists we might all know from the third wave, ska-core days (e.g. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Less Than Jake, Fishbone, Sublime), so here were are, focusing on the second wave of ska, also known as the Two Tone revival from the late 70s. They’re skanking* tunes.

Madness – One Step Beyond

The vocals are cheesy. Let’s just get that out of the way. But you’re listening to this song for the music, which is prime ska from the Two-Tone era.


The Specials – Gangsters

If you’re like me, you mostly know The Specials because their song A Message to You Rudy actually gets some airplay from time to time. Well, they have other tunes. This one’s my favourite.


The Selecter – On My Radio

The poppiest (most pop?) of the bunch. I mean, this production is damn near slick.


*It’s been so long since I’ve skanked… part of me is surprised I ever danced like that. You know what skanking is, right? (Don’t click that.)

If you clicked that, well… I warned you.


It’s November and I hate it.

THE RADIO DEPT – I don’t Like it Like This
Caution: [If you listen to this song too many times you’ll most definitely slit your wrists] However do not avoid entirely. It is an incredibly beautiful song that can be therapeutic if consumed in small enough doses.

I could do without the two minute acid trip in the middle of the song, but overall this is a really cool track. I love its vibe. Parts of the music video were filmed in TO and Niagara Falls, unless it’s just really needless CGI.

CUT COPY – Saturday (Reprise)
Why isn’t this song longer?!!!!!!!! I hate everything!