Lazy Sunday

Something new, something old, and something really old. That’s what’s in store for you, although there’s the equal chance that these are all brand new or really old to you. We’ll see.

The Blue Dawns – I’ve Seen the Signs

First up, a rock and roll band from York, England, sounding as bluesy as some American counterparts.

The White Stripes – Little Ghost

This is from the Detroit duo’s album Get Behind Me, Satan, and I forgot all about this folksy track until I heard Jack’s familiar voice during the closing credits of ParaNorman (a wicked movie, FYI). Looking back, I wonder if GTBMS is an underrated album.

The Sonics – Have Love, Will Travel

Sounding as fresh as if it were a brand-new hot track, instead of being a 50-year-old recording. Covered by several artists, including the Black Keys on Thickfreakness, this ’65 version is itself a cover of the original by Richard Berry, from 1959. This one’s my fave, hands down.




Valentine’s Day! The most romantic day of the year! It all started back in ‘Hitler was still an art student’ times when a bunch of Italian guys in Chicago shot a bunch of Irish guys in the face with Tommy¬†guns. Today, we mark this occasion every year by giving each other chocolate and candies and unimaginative greeting cards… and the occasional STD ūüė¶

(They don’t call it V.Day fer nuthin’!)

In the spirit of all that is mushy, in the name of all that is Cupid… we bring you a very special Valentimes edition of (tsssst, OUCH!) ‘HOT TRACKS FRIDAYS’. These tracks are SUPER hot you guys, check ’em out.

Cue the air horns and gun sounds, CHK-CHK-BRAAAP-BRAAAP. That’s hip hop for “I’M EXCITED!!”


First up, this sweet new gem that’s about to blow up on the Twitterverse any minute. A friend of mine just came back from Miami and said its all over the air down there (which 100% makes sense actually). Comedian Natasha Leggero definitely jumped on this right away. And full disclosure, I’m actually just in love with the baking soda…


Next up a very underrated song from a very kinetically charged (and also very underrated) Swedish band. This is “Tony the Beat” by The Sounds and its literally pure sex!


And to round it all off, a sweet duet that’s all about “hookin’ up on the road”, from a Country¬†icon and a modern savant. This flirty ditty is the lovechild of Loretta Lynn and Jack White, and its about as adorbs as Rock ‘N Roll gets


Dean Young

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 4.14.13 PM

M83 – Kim & Jessie
Friends of mine, Kim and Jessie, are in the process of planning their wedding. I’m thinking this song could be an option for their first dance! I especially like the music video, it looks like a elementary school math textbook come to life.

Who says you need lyrics! Growls and sex noises will do the trick too!

DEERHUNTER – Helicopter
And here comes the depression! Worth it though.