Lazy Sunday

Something new, something old, and something really old. That’s what’s in store for you, although there’s the equal chance that these are all brand new or really old to you. We’ll see.

The Blue Dawns – I’ve Seen the Signs

First up, a rock and roll band from York, England, sounding as bluesy as some American counterparts.

The White Stripes – Little Ghost

This is from the Detroit duo’s album Get Behind Me, Satan, and I forgot all about this folksy track until I heard Jack’s familiar voice during the closing credits of ParaNorman (a wicked movie, FYI). Looking back, I wonder if GTBMS is an underrated album.

The Sonics – Have Love, Will Travel

Sounding as fresh as if it were a brand-new hot track, instead of being a 50-year-old recording. Covered by several artists, including the Black Keys on Thickfreakness, this ’65 version is itself a cover of the original by Richard Berry, from 1959. This one’s my fave, hands down.



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