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Like Jay pointed out, I don’t really keep my guilty pleasures to myself. In fact, all of my friends, old and new, can tell you that I love ‘Wicked Game’ by Chris Isaak, think Taylor Swift has mastered the art of writing pop songs, and that I think all wedding receptions had better fucking include Whigfield’s ‘Saturday Night’. Therefore, in order to make this guilty pleasures playlist I had to dig a bit deeper. But let me make one thing clear, I am in no way ashamed of loving these songs. I’d just be a bit hesitatant to admit it while in the company of macho dudes.

TERENCE TRENT D’ARBY – Wishing Well (1987)
Sex music for cool people.

SINEAD O’CONNOR – The Emperor’s New Clothes (1990)
When she’s not shaving her head or ripping up pictures of the Pope, she’s writing hits! Amazing voice.

SOPHIE B. HAWKINS – Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover (1991)
Okay I feel a little ashamed of this one. Since it’s presumably a song written by a woman for women. I especially like that it’s actually quite a dark track disguised as a love song.

Not guilty


Guilty Pleasures from Jason


At the official HTF ski weekend, it was decided that the next three weeks we will be posting guilty pleasures. Derek, Katy Perry doesn’t count because I know you don’t feel guilty about it!


Jessie J – Price Tag ft. B.o.B

Saw Jessie J perform this on SNL, and I’ve been rockin’ out to this track in secret for a while now.


Wham! – Young Guns

I’m not totally embarassed about this one, It’s a damn good song. It’s just pretty cheezy, with the bad white-people-rap and all. It’s certainly not something I would listen to in front of people (unless that person is Mike).


KoRn & Limp Bizkitn – All In The Family

Now this one is embarrassing. I really wish I didn’t like this song. I will admit I was briefly a Korn fan, but was never, ever a Limp Bizkit fan. The track is structured like a rap-battle, except its the kind of rap that would make the godfathers of rap wish they had never came up with rap in the first place.


Here in Canada’s greatest city (no, not Oshawa) I’m talking of course about Toronto! Anyways, here in the city of eternal sarcasm its been a long, tough Winter. And before y’all start chirping and throwing P-words at me, I’ll have you know I hail from a very Northern, very blue collar Canadian place. AND my bloodline is 70% Scandinavian suffering. So I can deal. But -30 is pretty damn cold by Toronto standards. This week alone they were rounding up Hipsters and shaving their beards to burn in a massive heap in Yonge Dundas square just for warmth. Yes, that joke came directly from my Twitter feed. Copy and paste is a boy’s best friend. And yes YOU deserve it, Hot Tracks Fridays fans!

Anyways, in the spirit of all that is cold and depressing in Canada’s poopiest month (Mehbuary) here are three smokin’ HOT TRACKS that get me turnt right up!

First up, let’s ALL ride our Harleys into the sunset with this acid-washed, nostalgia soaked Hip Hop groove courtesy of Action Bronson. Appropes, since he’s coming here to NXNE this summer!


Weeet weeow! THAT was a hot one. Also very silly. Next up, an all-out banger that gets my blood PUMPING, courtesy of the Dead Weather. I know what you’re thinking, “hey Dean, is there going to be something Jack White related every time you guest post on H.T.F? Because you sir, are 2 for 2!” All I can say to that is, Jack White is a genius. I said it. Also, he has like 800 different bands and solo projects on the go at all times so really, who can say. Only time will tell… but the answer is probably.

Let’s watch these sexy-ass Gothic gods blam the bajeez out of each other in the suburbs. Bullets. Cigs. Sex.


Huh. I didn’t realize at first, but those first two were kinda gun heavy, right? OK let’s take it down a notch and have some whacky, colorful fun. This video from BATTLES is ridiculous, catchy, and ambitious as Hell. I was introduced to this one courtesy of my feyonce (yup, I Bey it when I say it)

Its one of the most insane vids of all time. Its so full of color, and in your face. It pops!

If this hot track doesn’t warm you up and get you grooving you probably have a little dead weather deep inside. Lighten up, and taste this delicious, delicious lactose-laced goodness.