Guilty Pleasures from Jason


At the official HTF ski weekend, it was decided that the next three weeks we will be posting guilty pleasures. Derek, Katy Perry doesn’t count because I know you don’t feel guilty about it!


Jessie J – Price Tag ft. B.o.B

Saw Jessie J perform this on SNL, and I’ve been rockin’ out to this track in secret for a while now.


Wham! – Young Guns

I’m not totally embarassed about this one, It’s a damn good song. It’s just pretty cheezy, with the bad white-people-rap and all. It’s certainly not something I would listen to in front of people (unless that person is Mike).


KoRn & Limp Bizkitn – All In The Family

Now this one is embarrassing. I really wish I didn’t like this song. I will admit I was briefly a Korn fan, but was never, ever a Limp Bizkit fan. The track is structured like a rap-battle, except its the kind of rap that would make the godfathers of rap wish they had never came up with rap in the first place.


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