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BEST COAST – Heaven Sent
This song sounds like the first day of school in a teen movie starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and the late Paul Walker. It’s off Best Coast’s new album ‘California Nights” which is due out May 4th. For my taste, I prefer their first album’s sound, but there’s still no denying Bethany Cosentino knows how to craft some rad ass tunes!

NO JOY – Hare Tarot Lies
This song is like a fucking kick to the balls! It starts with the voices of angels – then bam, it gets dark! Jay and I have actually seen No Joy in concert by somehow both forgot. They opened up for Best Coast on their Summer is Forever tour. And few months back I got the opportunity to write a music video treatment for them. They didn’t end up picking mine BUT I did get an email Friday saying the band really like my idea and wanted me to write another treatment for them for another video. So, long story short, this song and band rule, but if they don’t pick me this time they’re fucking played out!

PETER BJORN AND JOHN – Let’s Call It Off (Girl Talk Remix)
The remix is far superior to the original. My dear friend Jane says she can’t get enough of the steel drums. She loves that sound and I do too!



Back on (Hot) Tracks!


Well sort of, it is a Sunday after all…


Alabama Shakes – Gimme All Your Love

The Alabama Shakes really do have the coolest god-damn sound. And I’m told that no time machines were used in the recording of this song. If you haven’t seen it, check out their performance on SNL.


Courtney Barnett – Depreston

Hands down the Hottest Track from her latest album, “Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit”. It’s mellow, Lou-Reed esque story song that builds into a super sexy Wicked Games like guitar outro.  “Now we’ve got that percolator, never made a latte greater, I’m saving twenty three dollars a week” are the kinds of lyrics that make my ears smile.


T. Rex – Spaceball Ricochet

“If you don’t know T. Rex, you really should… they were kinda a big deal.” – Said some guy one time to me.

Guilty Pleasures from Francesco

Like Jay and Derek before me, I’m picking a few tunes that I’ll admit are my guilty pleasures. Also like them, I don’t mind listening to them in the company of others. So why the guilt?

The Rolling Stones – Under My Thumb

I whistle, hum, and sing during some routines, and I don’t particularly care who hears me. Few people ever hear me anyway, because I’m kind of on the quiet side. But for all that I love this song, I can’t bring myself to sing it out loud. Mick Jagger is too… happy about putting a woman down. The Svengali aspect is too much. There’s a cover version by Tina Turner which flips the male/female dynamic, but then it’s still about one sex lording it over the other.

Hedley – Crazy For You

Ok, I’ve had trouble admitting to this one, because the knee-jerk reaction is “A pop band fronted by a Canadian Idol castoff.” But, but, but… this song is slick. It’s got a pretty good hook, and it’s… it’s… perfectly enjoyable. There, I said it.

(Side note: Why are people still staging music videos in mental institutions? At what point is that thing played out? Derek?)

Jason Derulo – Talk Dirty to Me, featuring 2 Chainz

Blame it on the horn section and the overall production. It certainly isn’t here because of the lyrics by Derulo and 2 Chainz. On the other hand, the lyrics are kind of funny in an I-can’t-believe-he’s-saying-that kind of way. Also enjoyable: the cover by Kevin Spacey and Jimmy Fallon (half of the barbershop quartet The Ragtime Gals).

Sorry this post war really (really) late. We’re back to our regularly scheduled programming. See you next time!