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Today’s post swings from the early 90s to the present day, from English to French and back again, from Long Beach to Sainte-Foy to Austin. Proceed!

No Doubt – Open the Gate

Before L.A.M.B. and Hollaback Girl; before blue hair and bindis; before Don’t Speak and Tragic Kingdom; Gwen Stefani rocked hair buns like Sailor Moon, while being at the front of the latest ska-punk movement. No Doubt self-released The Beacon Street Collection, and this is a gem from the album. The music’s fine, even catchy, but check out Stefani’s presence, especially on some of the “hurry” parts of the chorus. This one deserves dusting off.


Jean Leloup – Paradis City

No, not a G’n’R cover. I stumbled on this one during a drive through La Belle Province, seeking radio stations for something listenable. It turns out Jean Leloup is only new to my Anglo tastes, having written music for some 25+ years. Don’t understand the words? Who cares?


Shakey Graves – Dearly Departed

I love the simple, layered percussion on Dearly Departed. And though Shakey is a solo artist, this track is a really great duet with Esmé Patterson, who also deserves a close-up on this site.



Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 1.39.07 AM

THE BOB SEGER SYSTEM – Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man
Before there was ever a Silver Bullet Band, there was the System and this killer song. Man, I can’t help but picture a hustlin’ and bustlin’, car manufacturing, vibrant Detroit of the late 1960’s. You know, before all the crack and the city becoming one giant post apocalyptic film set. For god sakes bring back the good old days Bob! Also super boss video!

ARKELLS – Come To Light
Okay I’m betting this song is already all over popular radio – we can thank CanCon for that! But I don’t actually know, since I don’t listen to it. So I thought I had better get it out there just in case you haven’t heard it yet. This is classic feel good rock in a new and shiny case. Jay and I actually got to see the Arkells play a set of all classic hip-hop covers a few years back and a private party. #humblebrag

If you decide to purchase this song pay attention to the runtime. The video below clocks in at 3:44 which is perfect, but if you go to Itunes it’s a whopping 6:47. At which point I find it to be over staying its welcome a wee bit. (Like me at a party) This is sitting around a campfire music. Which I hope to be doing very soon.


Twin Shadow Double Bill


This edition of HTF is going to be a Twin Shadow double bill, because his album Confess is literally all I have been listening to for the last three weeks. His other albums seem to be nothing special but Confess is an new-new-wave masterpiece. Each song has the same formula: a verse that fondles you gently, before the chorus can punch you in the face with joy.


Twin Shadow – Golden Light

Somehow this song appeared in a psychedelic iTunes genius mix my girlfriend made. It had been on my computer for 2 years, yet I’d never heard it before. Or perhaps I had heard it, but it didn’t stick with me for whatever reason. But as the night was winding down and I could barely keep my eyes open, the Lost-Boys-esque chorus of “Golden Light” kicked it, and I looked up from my warm half drunk Steam Whistle and said: “What IS this??”


Twin Shadow – Five Seconds

Leather Jackets? Motorcycles? Pompadours? Count me in!! The songs pretty alright too!