Chill Vibes, Bro.


Summer time is no-bummer time! It’s all about feeling the sun on your skin, and surrounding yourself with the sweet sonic vibrations. Sex, synth and chillwave. This first track is a delirious, hazy day tripper. It’s bittersweet, smooth and totally nostalgic.

The live version (seen here, on KEXP Seattle. Where the music matters!) feels a bit more somber and soulfull than the album version, and it’s definitely more mellow. You Hot Tracks fanatics might know this as the opening intro for IFC’s Portlandia.

It’s chill, it’s soaked in a mid-summer tangerine haze, it’s WASHED OUT. With “Feel It All Around” from Life of Leisure. Which by the way, is one of my all-time favs for summer album art



It’s widely known that this year’s anthem of summer here in Toronto is “Marry Me, Archie” by local garage band cool kids Alvvays. And we’ve professed our love for that track on HTF many moon ago.

So, in the spirit of fuzzed-out, feedback-laiden summer anthems  and that authentic Toronto sound, here’s a Grunge classic that harkens back to the days of ‘the Daves we all knew’. A time when 30 Helens could agree on something, without any outrage.

We take you back to the cult classic show “Kids in the Hall”, and their unforgettable intro. It’s “Having an Average Weekend” by Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet. And it has all the right ingredients for summer in the city



In the name of all that is July, we’ll leave you with the fuzzed-out, vitamin D drenched piece of surf-toned Psychadelia from Aussie electro-Rockers Tame Impala. If this doesn’t open your mind and make you want to drop drugs and get beach sand in all your naughty places, then there’s just no saving you.

This is “Gotta Be Above It”


Sweet Summer Trax

The Smiles – Cala Cola

This song is pretty alright!


The Cramps I Can’t Hardly Stand It

Lux Interior (who I assume got his name from a Buick catalog) gives a bitchin’ performance on this track. Beats the heck out of Charlie Feathers.


Edwyn Collins – I Never Met a Girl Like You Before