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You’ve probably all heard this song a million times by now, but I wanted to share this track because this dude is from Thunder Bay!     This song exploded online and was all over steaming music sites and favourited/shared on just about every music blog in exsistence.  This lead to him signing with a major label, a shiny music video, and an upcoming full length album.  Certainly some cool shit to come out of a small town.  But is that even a thing anymore?  Has the internet made the world small enough that the chance at international success is actually attainable for anyone with the talent and work ethic?.  Maybe.  Pay attention to the last shot of the video.  An homage to The Graduate!  Which if you haven’t seen then how the hell did you get the jokes in Wayne’s World 2?


Hot Tracks Friday compadre Jay was over the other day and I had this song on and he was like ‘Hey who is this’?  So here it is buddy in case you forgot.  AND YES people, these are the Stacy’s Mom guys fuck off!  This is a great summer party tune.

CROCODILES – Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9)

One time Jay and I were at a Dum Dum Girls concert.  The opening act was Crocodiles whose lead singer is married to Dee Dee, the lead singer of the Dum Dum Girls.  So like a couple of teen girls Jay and I bought some stuff from the merch table and went up to Dee Dee to get her to sign it.  Only problem begin that she was standing with her Crocodile lead singer husband… Anywho we asked for her to sign our stuff, which she did, and completely ignored him.  It was very awkward for everyone involved and after listening to this song all summer realize I should have given him a lot more props.  My bad.



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THE BOB SEGER SYSTEM – Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man
Before there was ever a Silver Bullet Band, there was the System and this killer song. Man, I can’t help but picture a hustlin’ and bustlin’, car manufacturing, vibrant Detroit of the late 1960’s. You know, before all the crack and the city becoming one giant post apocalyptic film set. For god sakes bring back the good old days Bob! Also super boss video!

ARKELLS – Come To Light
Okay I’m betting this song is already all over popular radio – we can thank CanCon for that! But I don’t actually know, since I don’t listen to it. So I thought I had better get it out there just in case you haven’t heard it yet. This is classic feel good rock in a new and shiny case. Jay and I actually got to see the Arkells play a set of all classic hip-hop covers a few years back and a private party. #humblebrag

If you decide to purchase this song pay attention to the runtime. The video below clocks in at 3:44 which is perfect, but if you go to Itunes it’s a whopping 6:47. At which point I find it to be over staying its welcome a wee bit. (Like me at a party) This is sitting around a campfire music. Which I hope to be doing very soon.


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BEST COAST – Heaven Sent
This song sounds like the first day of school in a teen movie starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and the late Paul Walker. It’s off Best Coast’s new album ‘California Nights” which is due out May 4th. For my taste, I prefer their first album’s sound, but there’s still no denying Bethany Cosentino knows how to craft some rad ass tunes!

NO JOY – Hare Tarot Lies
This song is like a fucking kick to the balls! It starts with the voices of angels – then bam, it gets dark! Jay and I have actually seen No Joy in concert by somehow both forgot. They opened up for Best Coast on their Summer is Forever tour. And few months back I got the opportunity to write a music video treatment for them. They didn’t end up picking mine BUT I did get an email Friday saying the band really like my idea and wanted me to write another treatment for them for another video. So, long story short, this song and band rule, but if they don’t pick me this time they’re fucking played out!

PETER BJORN AND JOHN – Let’s Call It Off (Girl Talk Remix)
The remix is far superior to the original. My dear friend Jane says she can’t get enough of the steel drums. She loves that sound and I do too!