Chill Vibes, Bro.


Summer time is no-bummer time! It’s all about feeling the sun on your skin, and surrounding yourself with the sweet sonic vibrations. Sex, synth and chillwave. This first track is a delirious, hazy day tripper. It’s bittersweet, smooth and totally nostalgic.

The live version (seen here, on KEXP Seattle. Where the music matters!) feels a bit more somber and soulfull than the album version, and it’s definitely more mellow. You Hot Tracks fanatics might know this as the opening intro for IFC’s Portlandia.

It’s chill, it’s soaked in a mid-summer tangerine haze, it’s WASHED OUT. With “Feel It All Around” from Life of Leisure. Which by the way, is one of my all-time favs for summer album art



It’s widely known that this year’s anthem of summer here in Toronto is “Marry Me, Archie” by local garage band cool kids Alvvays. And we’ve professed our love for that track on HTF many moon ago.

So, in the spirit of fuzzed-out, feedback-laiden summer anthems  and that authentic Toronto sound, here’s a Grunge classic that harkens back to the days of ‘the Daves we all knew’. A time when 30 Helens could agree on something, without any outrage.

We take you back to the cult classic show “Kids in the Hall”, and their unforgettable intro. It’s “Having an Average Weekend” by Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet. And it has all the right ingredients for summer in the city



In the name of all that is July, we’ll leave you with the fuzzed-out, vitamin D drenched piece of surf-toned Psychadelia from Aussie electro-Rockers Tame Impala. If this doesn’t open your mind and make you want to drop drugs and get beach sand in all your naughty places, then there’s just no saving you.

This is “Gotta Be Above It”



Here in Canada’s greatest city (no, not Oshawa) I’m talking of course about Toronto! Anyways, here in the city of eternal sarcasm its been a long, tough Winter. And before y’all start chirping and throwing P-words at me, I’ll have you know I hail from a very Northern, very blue collar Canadian place. AND my bloodline is 70% Scandinavian suffering. So I can deal. But -30 is pretty damn cold by Toronto standards. This week alone they were rounding up Hipsters and shaving their beards to burn in a massive heap in Yonge Dundas square just for warmth. Yes, that joke came directly from my Twitter feed. Copy and paste is a boy’s best friend. And yes YOU deserve it, Hot Tracks Fridays fans!

Anyways, in the spirit of all that is cold and depressing in Canada’s poopiest month (Mehbuary) here are three smokin’ HOT TRACKS that get me turnt right up!

First up, let’s ALL ride our Harleys into the sunset with this acid-washed, nostalgia soaked Hip Hop groove courtesy of Action Bronson. Appropes, since he’s coming here to NXNE this summer!


Weeet weeow! THAT was a hot one. Also very silly. Next up, an all-out banger that gets my blood PUMPING, courtesy of the Dead Weather. I know what you’re thinking, “hey Dean, is there going to be something Jack White related every time you guest post on H.T.F? Because you sir, are 2 for 2!” All I can say to that is, Jack White is a genius. I said it. Also, he has like 800 different bands and solo projects on the go at all times so really, who can say. Only time will tell… but the answer is probably.

Let’s watch these sexy-ass Gothic gods blam the bajeez out of each other in the suburbs. Bullets. Cigs. Sex.


Huh. I didn’t realize at first, but those first two were kinda gun heavy, right? OK let’s take it down a notch and have some whacky, colorful fun. This video from BATTLES is ridiculous, catchy, and ambitious as Hell. I was introduced to this one courtesy of my feyonce (yup, I Bey it when I say it)

Its one of the most insane vids of all time. Its so full of color, and in your face. It pops!

If this hot track doesn’t warm you up and get you grooving you probably have a little dead weather deep inside. Lighten up, and taste this delicious, delicious lactose-laced goodness.



Valentine’s Day! The most romantic day of the year! It all started back in ‘Hitler was still an art student’ times when a bunch of Italian guys in Chicago shot a bunch of Irish guys in the face with Tommy guns. Today, we mark this occasion every year by giving each other chocolate and candies and unimaginative greeting cards… and the occasional STD 😦

(They don’t call it V.Day fer nuthin’!)

In the spirit of all that is mushy, in the name of all that is Cupid… we bring you a very special Valentimes edition of (tsssst, OUCH!) ‘HOT TRACKS FRIDAYS’. These tracks are SUPER hot you guys, check ’em out.

Cue the air horns and gun sounds, CHK-CHK-BRAAAP-BRAAAP. That’s hip hop for “I’M EXCITED!!”


First up, this sweet new gem that’s about to blow up on the Twitterverse any minute. A friend of mine just came back from Miami and said its all over the air down there (which 100% makes sense actually). Comedian Natasha Leggero definitely jumped on this right away. And full disclosure, I’m actually just in love with the baking soda…


Next up a very underrated song from a very kinetically charged (and also very underrated) Swedish band. This is “Tony the Beat” by The Sounds and its literally pure sex!


And to round it all off, a sweet duet that’s all about “hookin’ up on the road”, from a Country icon and a modern savant. This flirty ditty is the lovechild of Loretta Lynn and Jack White, and its about as adorbs as Rock ‘N Roll gets


Dean Young