Heard This While Gettin’ My Hair Did


Sweet Ballads



Aerosmith – You See Me Crying

Some see Aerosmith as a cheezy band, and for the most part that’s what they have been since the 90s. But pre ‘Get a Grip’ Aerosmith was a pretty rockin’ band, and Stephen Tyler was a badass front man.


Rod Stewart – Oh No Not My Baby

A much covered classic. Rod the Bod does it best.


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Promise

A real sweet tune from BRMC’s amazing tribute to Americana Howel.

Edison HTF



Today’s post swings from the early 90s to the present day, from English to French and back again, from Long Beach to Sainte-Foy to Austin. Proceed!

No Doubt – Open the Gate

Before L.A.M.B. and Hollaback Girl; before blue hair and bindis; before Don’t Speak and Tragic Kingdom; Gwen Stefani rocked hair buns like Sailor Moon, while being at the front of the latest ska-punk movement. No Doubt self-released The Beacon Street Collection, and this is a gem from the album. The music’s fine, even catchy, but check out Stefani’s presence, especially on some of the “hurry” parts of the chorus. This one deserves dusting off.


Jean Leloup – Paradis City

No, not a G’n’R cover. I stumbled on this one during a drive through La Belle Province, seeking radio stations for something listenable. It turns out Jean Leloup is only new to my Anglo tastes, having written music for some 25+ years. Don’t understand the words? Who cares?


Shakey Graves – Dearly Departed

I love the simple, layered percussion on Dearly Departed. And though Shakey is a solo artist, this track is a really great duet with Esmé Patterson, who also deserves a close-up on this site.